Our Founders

Commonwealth Collaborative was founded by a small team of passionate individuals with collective decades of experience treating substance use and mental health disorders. Our experiences have taught us that personal connection, practical skills, and a recovery-oriented lifestyle can lead each participant to write their own recovery story. With this vision in mind, we have sought to create a space where leading professionals can collaborate and provide the best possible care for individuals suffering from substance use disorder in the Berkshires.

A team needs a clear mission, a shared philosophy of what’s important and why. As a team we seek to be more than a collection of individuals with unique skills and disparate experiences. We seek to combine the power of the individual with the strength of the team. Together, we believe we can help our participants push the boundary of what they thought possible. We believe that lasting recovery can be found on the other side of that boundary.

What We Value

To achieve our mission, our team strives to exemplify certain crucial values. In our experience, these values also happen to be important to embody in an effective recovery. Some of these values include:
  • Being mindful and pursuing equanimity
  • Leading with compassion
  • Respecting cultures and seeking inclusivity
  • Staying open to all possibilities
  • Acting with humility
  • Leaving things better than we found them
  • Celebrating every accomplishment
  • Seeking opportunities to be helpful to those around us
  • Treating individuals as individuals
  • Supporting all pathways to recovery
Our mission is to create lasting recovery for every participant, one person at a time. It’s our experience that the embodiment of these values by every team member is instrumental in the achievement of that mission. Further, we believe that by using these values as an operational framework, we can create a space in which people can heal.

Treatment with Care

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