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What is the intake process?

The first step of our process is to contact the phone number provided. Our administrator will conduct a brief phone interview to determine if your needs are best suited by the services we provide. At the same time, we will need your insurance information to verify your benefits with your insurance company. After we verify your insurance and receive approval by our clinical director, we will follow up with you to schedule an in person appointment.

How long is treatment?

The length of treatment depends entirely on the individual and their therapeutic needs. Therefore, we have no maximum time of participation.

What is the structure of your Intensive Outpatient Program?

Our IOP consists of a minimum of 9 hours of group therapy per week over the course of a minimum of 3 days per week. Group therapy will be offered in both the daytime and evenings. The main component of the IOP will integrate dialectical behavioral skills and cognitive behavioral therapy. Our services also include meeting with our onsite therapist.

What should I bring to treatment?

Our clients should bring a notebook, pencil or pen and a great attitude. We will provide snacks, coffee and water at our office.


What is the cost of treatment? Do you accept insurance?

Commonwealth Collaborative accepts all major insurance and private pay options are available. Call today for a quote.


Treatment with Care

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