A friend of ours recently spent a year living in the Berkshires and wrote this piece, which he was kind enough to allow us to share:


What’s So Special About The Berkshires Anyway?!?

Have you ever taken a road trip across America and had to stop in a rinky dink town for gas or food? Berkshire County can seem a lot like that. But make no mistake, if you’re lucky enough to stay here for any amount of time, you’ll begin to witness magic. During my year in Great Barrington, I learned several important things. Firstly, the people are absolutely amazing! I’ve visited a lot of states in America and noticed that some places have profoundly nice, helpful and genuine people. Berkshire County happens to be one of these places.

Secondly, Great Barrington is INCREDIBLY beautiful. I’ll touch on this a bit more in the next section but there’s a ton of preserved forest regions in the area to help maintain the stunning natural beauty of  Berkshire County. Lastly, after experiencing much of Berkshire County’s outdoor activities, I felt like a new person! After a year in the Berkshires, my mental and physical well being improved exponentially. 


How Can I Possibly Pass The Time?

For those of you who’ve never been to Berkshire County Massachusetts, you should know you’re in for a pretty big treat! Rather than dive into a big excerpt about each outdoor activity or attraction, I’ve decided to provide some bullet points of the top experiences I had during my yearlong stay in the Berkshires. After reading through this list, I highly encourage you to explore these suggestions on your own. This way you can form your own opinion and get excited for what interests you most!

Here are some of the top highlights I’ve experienced during my time in Berkshire County area:

  • Butternut Mountain – Great for skiing and hiking!!
  • Jacob’s Pillow – Sweet spot for festivals, nightlife entertainment.
  • Race Brook Falls – Race Brook Falls provides a picturesque scenic hike for anyone who enjoys beautiful waterfalls.
  • Monument Mountain – Awesome hiking spot, great walking path at the base of the mountain.
  • Norman Rockwell Museum – Gorgeous venue filled with some of his most incredible pieces of art.
  • Berkshire Botanical Garden – One of the most beautiful and best smelling places during the spring and summer time.
  • Bash Bish – If you’re a fan of giant waterfalls and amazing scenery, then you’d love it here!
  • Housatonic Flats – The Flats provide a great short walk in a beautiful natural setting. They also have dog waste bags for those of you who enjoy a good dog walk.
  • Appalachian Trail – If you’re up for a hike, the AT has an easy access point in Great Barrington. 
  • Benedict Pond – Benedict pond is home to an incredible lake and walking path that encompasses it. If you’re really feeling adventurous, there’s an access trail to the Appalachian Trail located just off the walking loop.

The Berkshire Difference

What really sets Berkshire apart is the community. In my year here, I met some amazing people, driven by real love and purpose. It’s become a trite cliche that what sets New England apart is how people will say hi to you when they pass you on the street. People in the Berkshires take it a step further. They ask how you’re doing, and are actually interested in your answer! I was blown away at the spirit of the community, filled with people who look out for each other and absolutely insist on enjoying life. And they welcomed me with open arms.

I recently had the opportunity of going back to Great Barrington for work. As I landed at Bradley International Airport and started my drive northwest to the Berkshires, my heart filled with pure joy. I was overwhelmed with feelings of nostalgia that came with seeing old friends and visiting the beautiful natural environments I loved to roam. Some of my fondest memories were created in and around Great Barrington, MA. I highly encourage everyone to explore, and make some memories of your own. 

For those of you who are looking for some awesome activities to do to help support your recovery, give our team a call and we can help guide you in the right direction.