Berkshire County IOP

About Our Program

Commonwealth Collaborative prides itself on being one of Massachusetts’ leading IOP drug rehabs. We specialize in treating people with substance use disorder in the Great Barrington and Pittsfield communities.

Our PHP program is our highest level of care and offers up to 5 days per week of group therapy for 5 hours per day. Our IOP program operates 3 days per week with 3 hours per group therapy session. Both services offer access to individual therapy, psychiatric services, and additional program amenities.

Moreover, at Commonwealth Collaborative we know that addiction is a multi-layered diagnosable condition of the brain. Our program blends practical recovery concepts and tools with highly intensive clinical modalities to help our clients not only manage sobriety, but also thrive.

Additionally, our clinical program begins with physical, emotional safety and building a sober community. Following these foundational experiences, we layer in concepts such as:


Our Clinical Curriculum

In addition to some of the concepts above, our clinical curriculum emphasizes several key areas. The first is using evidenced based research to support our approaches. This idea guides all of our other teachings and allows us to both adjust our curriculum and inform our program’s design. Secondly, we use a trauma integrated model. We train our staff to use mindful behavioral practices and be respectful of any traumatic events that may have contributed to one’s substance use.

Furthermore, our program is very client centered. This means we create a personalized treatment plan for each client and provide the resources necessary to support them. Moreover, our clinical curriculum is skills driven. Using evidenced based theories, we teach our clients recovery skills that are proven to help people maintain long term sobriety. Lastly, our organization is recovery oriented. We do our best to focus on whatever underlying issues are contributing to our client’s substance use disorder and provide them with the skills to work with it.

Treatment with Care

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