Looking for the best Western Mass Alcohol Treatment Center? The Commonwealth Collaborative, located near Pittsfield Massachusetts, provides the highest quality care in the Berkshires for those struggling with substance use and mental health disorders. The highly trained team has worked for decades helping those struggling with alcohol and drug addiction to find long term recovery.

Treatment in Western Massachusetts

Western Massachusetts is a semi-rural area located 90-120 minutes west of Boston. Historically a place where Boston or New York residents come to vacation in the summer, Great Barrington first became a destination for recovery in the early 2000’s when a number of addiction and alcohol treatment facilities opened up in the Western Mass area.

The Commonwealth Collaborative was opened to specifically serve the needs of south-county and the larger Berkshire County. The treatment Community at the Commonwealth Collaborative includes:

1) Group Therapy

2) Individual Therapy

3) Random Urine Testing

4) Case Management and/or Recovery Coaching

5) Community Events

6) Alumni Services

Mental Health Treatment

Each individual who admits to the Commonwealth Collaborative will receive personalized, high quality care for addiction and any occurring disorders. Some of the co-occurring disorders treated at the Commonwealth Collaborative include:

1) Depression

2) Bi-Polar

3) Mania

4) Anxiety

5) Personality Disorders

Though not an exhaustive list, the above list are the main co-morbid disorders that generally arise with substance use disorders. At the Commonwealth Collaborative it is the belief of the organization to treat each individual as an individual and to help each person come up with a treatment plan that addresses each specific need the client has. Our goal is to treat the whole human being as opposed to just the symptoms.

If you or someone you know is in need of high quality Western Mass Alcohol Treatment, call the Commonwealth Collaborative today for a free assessment. If our organization is not the right fit, we guarantee to help each person come up with a realistic plan to access treatment and recovery. Call today for a free assessment.