What’s An Intervention?

Some people in the recovery community believe you need to hit “rock bottom” before you’re ready to go to treatment. Unfortunately, this ideology leaves you susceptible to the pitfalls of addiction for a longer period of time. In essence, the longer you use, the more likely you are to experience a negative outcome like family fallout, personal injury or legal problems. Regardless of where the individual is at in their substance use, an intervention can be incredibly useful for stopping substance use. 

The goal of an intervention is to stop your loved one’s drug or alcohol use. Interventionists do this by screening your needs, figuring out the dynamics at play, and providing a safe and supportive environment for loved one’s to communicate to the person experiencing substance use. If your loved one is receptive to treatment, the interventionist will likely be prepared to recommend several options for treatment. 


Things To Consider With An Intervention

If you’re considering an intervention for your loved one, there’s a few things you should definitely consider. The first thing is, should I intervene? If so, to what degree do I act? If you decide to use a professional interventionist, the next question is, where should I send my loved one after the intervention? Below are a handful of questions you should ask yourself prior to hiring an interventionist.

  • What are the costs? Most interventionists charge somewhere between $500 – $5,000+
  • Is your interventionist certified? If so, by whom?
  • What’s included in the intervention services?
  • Is your loved one in a place where they might consider treatment?
  • Are they receptive to treatment?
  • Are you familiar with the different types of treatment options?
  • How are the existing dynamics with family and friends?


If you’re considering hiring an interventionist to help address your loved ones addiction, call us today. We have connections with local interventionists and treatment programs in Massachusetts.